Live Recording – Overlap: for prepared piano, ‘cello, clarinet & electronics

This work was recorded by the Soundstream Ensemble in Adelaide as a part of their Emerging Composers Forum. It was one of three works to win a major commission of $5000.

Live Recording – Release: for tenor saxophone and electronics

This was recorded by Shaun Rammers at the Wesley Anne on November 23 as a part of the Elbow Room concert series. It is a structured improvisation, which gives the player short motivic phrases around which to improvise.

Sample – …to the winding ancient stair
This piece was recently awarded 2nd prize in the Australian Flute Festival Composition Competition. It is written for seven flutes and shows off a range of extended technique.

Sample – 1.3-2.4

1.3-2.4 is from the larger sound/photography installation A Thousand Facets, created with photographer Darren Smith. Completed as a part of my Masters of Communication Studies (Creative Dissertation in Sound Design), it was designed to sit in the background of a gallery.

Headphones are required to listen to this piece.


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